Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Perfection of Malay Cuisine

Dear God, thank for all you’re gift to me. You gave me love, you gave me heart, you gave me soul and you gave me spirit to start my writing. 8th May 2014, I start to write my blog. Being a student of one of the high institution university in Malaysia make my struggle to compete among all the students in Malaysia. Almost 2 years I further my study in Culinary Art and Gastronomy in Penang, I gained thousand knowledge and experience in food industry.

From a course that I take, I start to interest in food review and writing. On 4th May, I was joined a trip which organised by my class under Procurement subject. During the trip, we having our lunch at an exclusive restaurant which owned by Dato’ Chef Ismail which known as Restaurant Rebong. Restaursnt Rebong is located at Bangsar Village and have a strong concept of Malay and Baba Nyonya culture.

Perfect ambience that create the atmosphere.

From Intekma Resort and Convection Centre, it took 45 minutes to reach the restaurant. During our trip, we stay at Intekma Resort. The environment and services that I experienced along my stay just good. Friendly front desk staff make me feel the high class hospitality. At my first sight, I look at the exterior of the restaurant and I can see the strong concept of the restaurant. The awesome bamboo flowering make the environment look green and peaceful. Warmth greeting and excellent hospitality from the staff feel the different from others dining restaurant.
Siput sedut masak lemak.

The combination of the food presentation and the ambience of the restaurant just make it perfect matched. I can’t forget the freshness and the aroma of the Malay dish which is serve in buffet style. The arrangement of the buffet station enhance the environment which create the traffic flow systematically. The food presentation make me cannot wait to make my first bite. I am a dessert lover. So, I straight away go to the dessert station. Suddenly one of the waiter name San asked me to try the pulut mix with sago and add some coconut milk and gula Melaka. At my first sight, I can see the mixer of the coconut milk and gula Melaka absorb by the pulut and sago. I grab my dessert spoon and scoop my sago as my first bite. The taste of coconut milk and gula Melaka make the taste very ethnic and create the original taste of Malay dessert.
Every station of the buffet was perfectly setting.

Beside that, I try some laksa, lala, sand rojak buah too. The taste of the siput sedut masak lemak was totally different from other malay restaurant that I have tried before. It is not too oily or over ingredients as Malay cuisine come with too much spices in their food.

Piece of the concept of the restaurant.`

Too much food make me can’t stop eating. By the way, the price per pax just only MYR 40. If I going to Kuala Lumpur again, I surely having my lunch here again.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Anak Sarawak

Saya adalah merupakan anak kelahiran Sarawak dan dilahirkan di Bahagian Limbang yang merupakan sebuah pekan kecil yang menghubungkan kedua-dua bahagian negara Brunei. Kini saya bergelar mahasiswa di sebuah institusi pengajian awam yang bertempat di Pulau Pinang. 

Sepanjang menuntut di sini, saya telah banyak mempelajari pelbagai erti kehidupan sebagai seorang anak yang merupakan harapan kedua dua ibu bapa saya. Pelbagai cabaran hidup telah saya alami di sini. 

Cukup setakat ini.